Destiny in Whispers

I ran from her

I met her

She was beautiful and exciting

She had me gasping for air

She promised me the world

She appeared to me out of nowhere

I met Destiny

As fast as I met her

I left Destiny

I left Destiny for lies

I left her for Clyde

I left Destiny for a price

I left her before I really got

To meet her

I left Destiny not because I

Didn’t care

I left her because I was


I didn’t think she was


I wasn’t that, though

I listened to family and friends

Whom she meant something different to.

I met Destiny.

She looked different to them than to me

She appears from time to time

To remind me that she is still here

Asking me for clemency

With tears in our eyes

I ran away from Destiny

Not knowing she is already part of me

The part that let me be the ultimate me

I received awards without meaning or feelings

I was breathing without living

I lived without feelings because I pushed away Destiny

I almost died several times but


Because my soul would not part

Thanks to Destiny

From time to time

I go to her like an


Making her believe I am here for

I sneak and hide to talk to her

When I am married to an alternate


Where I can never find happiness

I was just living a lie

When in reality, my pride

Should have been Destiny

The only one that knows the

Best, worst, and all of me

I’m now begging for clemency

From Destiny

Regretting when I left her

And living my life less then


Instead of what could have been

Because I ran from Destiny

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