Holiday Blues

Hi boo

Are you coming through to see me?

You know it does not take much to please me

Come out here for a couple of hours

Surprise me with a rose or a flower

Don’t be stingy; spend your check

I’ll make sure to toy with that spot on your neck

So, are you coming to see me?

Or are you going to say those bitter words


I don’t know; maybe, I can’t?

Why can’t you?

Maybe you can’t for me

And if that’s the case,

What do you need from me? Because

Right now, I see blue

Not sea blue or blue suede shoes

I’m feeling the holiday’s blues

Why do I have to feel the blues?

Sometimes I swear you don’t have a clue

And if you know what I know

You will want to hold me

If you see what I see

You will want to please me

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